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About Stacie Carroll

Stacie Carroll is an avid activist for children, penning her debut storybook, ‘When Hairy Met Talie’ to instill fairness, kindness and equality in the hearts of others ‘because we’re all the same on the inside.’ This former career woman learned quickly the prejudice that befalls people who look, act or sound ‘different’ when her daughter, Tallie, was born in 2007 with special needs.

This Virginian now lives in a small town in North Carolina with her husband Rick, son Noah, Tallie, Maverick, an enormous black cat named Elvis, one too many dogs, and the Carroll family’s newest member, Hairy, a life-size skeleton with a big red heart that illustrates her message that we are all the same on the inside.

‘When Hairy Met Tallie’ has been called ‘a necessary read – in and out of the classroom’ by teachers across the country. In her ‘spare’ time, Stacie is working on new storybooks for the Hairy’s Heart Series, speaking to groups and classes, bringing Hairy to book signings, writing articles, appearing in the media and handing out heart-shaped cards to remind us all to be kind to one another, “because we’re all the same on the inside.”

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