“When Hairy Met Tallie&#...

“When Hairy Met Tallie” in Stores This Summer

Author and Tallie’s mom, Stacie Carroll announced today that her first book in her series about Hairy, the life size skeleton who teaches kindness and equality will hit stores this summer. Entitled, “When Hairy Met Tallie,” it relives the story of the introduction of Hairy at Halloween and how Tallie was finally able to understand that she wasn’t different from anyone else. That, as Hairy says, “because we’re all the same on the inside.”

Stacie has been writing the children’s book since December and is targeting a 3 to 8 year old audience.

“The story has a message that will help special needs children like Tallie feel more confident in their own skin, and at the same time Hairy can empower anyone who feels different to just think about how we’re all made of bones and a heart.”


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